Are you ready for a different kind of stratergy?

FlairSells CRM means a combination of business Strategies, software and processes that help build long lasting relationship between companies and their customers. Many organizations use CRM software and it helps for them to increase their marketing goals.CRM software is the biggest benefits of organization. FlairSells CRM software is the fundamental place to store and manage all information. The benefit of a FlairSells CRM is mainly helps Salespeople, Marketing teams and Customer support specialists etc.

User Management

In FlairSell CRM adding users is based on your editions. Each user can sign in to their account with an email address and passwords.

How can we manage internal customers through FlairSells?

Add or remove employees

Assign job roles to employees

Categories the employees

Assign works to each departments

Work verification & completion

Appraisal calculation


How can we manage external customers through FlairSells?

Add or remove customers

Categories the customers

Complaint registration

Lead management

Billing & invoice creation